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PictoBlox is an app that girls and boys can use to have a blast while learning to code. This approach to learning focuses on coding kid-friendly games where little ones learn a variety of concepts while they assimilate different programming languages without hardly realizing it.

One of PictoBlox’s best features is the program’s interface which is adapted for young learners. Each action is represented by a color, and the mechanisms for coding any game involve dragging code blocks to certain spaces. This task proves to be highly intuitive and easy to understand even if you don’t have technical knowledge.

In PictoBlox, you also have access to templates in the form of tutorials. These tell you the steps you need to take to code certain environments. From the side toolbar, you can access different segmented coding phases.

Have a blast with PictoBlox while you learn all kinds of programming concepts. You can even dabble in Arduino development to complete projects that can make your everyday life easier.